Our Kredit Repair Calendar Is Now Open!!

Move fast...spots are limited!

We made changes to our packages.

We now offer month-to-month credit repair. This provides you the flexibility to stay as long as you need until you reach your desired results.

You can chose to purchase an initial call with your credit repair or opt out.

Both packages include:

  • Our trained credit specialist will analyze & monitor your credit report monthly. You will also receive monthly updates of your credit, with any new or stable activity. 
  • We prepare and mail out all dispute letters on your behalf
  • Monthly tips and credit education via email and video 

So what's different?

Month-to-month Credit Repair WITH a consultation 

This package includes an initial call call where our credit specialist will analyze all 3 credit reports and provide custom recommendations based on your credit goals.

We will also dispute your incorrect personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, etc. *This makes it more difficult for creditors to validate debt.

The month-to-month WITH a consultation is $698 the first month, and $299 every month after.

This package does NOT come with a consultation. You will receive an emailed credit analysis of your current positive and negative accounts.

We will prepare and mail out all dispute letters on your behalf.

The month-to-month NO consultation is $299 per month.

 Month-to-month Credit Repair NO consultation

Click the package you are interested in to book NOW!!

Book your month-to-month credit repair WITH a consultation here!
Book your month-to-month credit repair NO consultation here!

You must cancel two weeks prior to your next payment in order to no longer be charged.

There are no refunds, and if there are any missed payments on your payment plan, our time together will be immediately canceled.

There have been countless successes before you & we hope to help you become a success story as well, through understanding the full credit game.

Maggie Sayles | CEO & Founder of The 25 Kredit Repair Academy

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